Students' Alumni Cell conducted the first ever Ice Breaker session to start the interaction between the mentors and the mentees. Ice Breaker session helps the mentee to set a good rapport with their mentors and solves the problem of lack of communication. We saw a great enthusiasm of students and the alumni mentors for this event.
Here is the pool of experiences shared by the mentees who made their first call breaking the ice and initiating a promising journey.

It was wonderful. My mentor was very friendly and interactive. He suggested me to mail or call him any time if I need any guidance. I definitely plan to have a lot of future interactions with him and make the best out of his lifetime of experience.

Rajarshi Saha

It was great. Talking to someone with so much of experience (20+ years in the industry) always clears up your doubts and definitely helps in making future choices. My mentor was very humble and helpful. Thank you, Students' Alumni Cell for connecting me to him.

Vaishal Shah

My mentor is very experienced. He shared with me the detailed intricacies of a successful life, how important it is to follow your passion and continue what you love alongside your career. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to learning a lot from him.

Siddharth Jindal

It was nice and up to my expectations. Most of my doubts and confusions about my future plans became clear and I got some great insights related to my goals.

Jithin Sukumar

Ice Breaker was really great. My mentor and I shared a whole lot of things. He was really very helpful and told me to keep in touch and even update him with my progress.

Sudutt Uday Harne


Mentorship is crucial for any individual whether a student or professional, and its importance is essential especially during the formative years in college. I signed up for this programme with the objective to gain perspective and seek help from our experienced and extremely friendly alumni. His guidance helped me think and understand about the outside world, gain industry knowledge and valuable fundas which helped me perform well in college and outside. They know what is valued more when it comes to the professional world, hence I always prioritized my mentors advice - specifically maintaining a good CGPA. Interacting and keeping in touch with my mentor also helped improving my networking skills and connecting to more people.

Ankit Gupta

The Alumni Student mentorship programme is a nice initiative by the Students’ Alumni Cell. In today’s time a direction and support from an esteemed mentor can go a long way in helping someone. It was a great experience for me as I got to learn a lot from my mentor who provided me with insight into the world after college as well as their experience as a student and in the professional sphere. Getting mentorship from an Alumni is a great thing as they can provide better help as they have been a part of the same institution as you."

Pranshu Agrawal

The Student Alumni Mentorship Programme is probably one of the best initiatives taken by our institution in recent years. Through my association with it, I can only say that although the path was clear for me, it was dark. My mentor came in the form a torchlight.

Gobind Singh

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