About Mentorship Program

The Student Alumni Mentorship programme was started in session 2010-11 by the Students’ Alumni Cell as an initiative to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between the alumni and the current students of IIT Kharagpur.

With an ocean of possibilities available, students often find it difficult to decide their way out into the future. There are lots of instances where students need a mentor who can counsel and guide them through. The alumni can improve students' insight into various aspects of life. Their journey and personal experiences can help the students and motivate them through this pivotal phase of life. Under this programme, we invite our alumni from across the world and from different fields to interact with the students and help them build their network and gain new perspective on the possibilities open to them after graduation.

Why choose this program

For Mentors

As a successful member of the IIT Kharagpur alumni community, you have the power to inspire, motivate, and support IIT KGP students. Your knowledge, experience, and insight will help students open their eyes to the opportunities and challenges they will face after graduation. When you serve as a mentor, you form meaningful, rewarding relationships that prepare students to be better employees and leaders, inspire them to stay connected with IIT Kharagpur, and motivate them to support the next generation of students. Mentors help perpetuate, grow, and strengthen IIT Kharagpur’s global alumni network.

For Mentees

Mentees can expect to receive guidance to help them navigate various career options, learn invaluable skills for professional development and make new contacts expand their network. Mentors and students form supportive relationships built on the shared experience of the KGP way of life, and connect one-on-one in a relaxed, informal way. It’s a valuable relationship that serves as an important complement to your classroom and action learning experiences, and makes for a richer KGP experience.


Mentorship is crucial for any individual whether a student or professional, and its importance is essential especially during the formative years in college. I signed up for this program with the objective to gain perspective and seek help from our experienced and extremely friendly alumni. His guidance helped me think and understand about the outside world, gain industry knowledge and valuable fundas which helped me perform well in college and outside. They know what is valued more when it comes to the professional world, hence I always prioritized my mentors advice - specifically maintaining a good CGPA. Interacting and keeping in touch with my mentor also helped improving my networking skills and connecting to more people.

Ankit Gupta

The Alumni Student mentorship program is a nice initiative by the Students’ Alumni Cell. In today’s time a direction and support from an esteemed mentor can go a long way in helping someone. It was a great experience for me as I got to learn a lot from my mentor who provided me with insight into the world after college as well as their experience as a student and in the professional sphere. Getting mentorship from an Alumni is a great thing as they can provide better help as they have been a part of the same institution as you."

Pranshu Agrawal

The Student Alumni Mentorship Programme is probably one of the best initiatives taken by our institution in recent years. Through my association with it, I can only say that although the path was clear for me, it was dark. My mentor came in the form a torchlight.

Gobind Singh

Frequently Asked Questions

An Alumni Mentor is a guide, friend and resource who shares her/his KGP experience to help pave the way for students to succeed at KGP and beyond. A KGP Alumni Mentor derives satisfaction from helping KGP students fulfil their dreams.

We believe that mentoring will be a positive and enriching experience for you. Specifically,we hope you will:

  • • Refine your coaching and mentoring skills.
  • • Develop meaningful connections with students.
  • • Learn about the KGP of today and the next generation.
  • • Experience a reconnection with your Alma Mater.

  • Following are some general ways we hope the students will benefit from being in a mentoring relationship:
  • • Build a professional network
  • • Develop and enhance professional and communication skills
  • • Connect academics and career; acquire advice on experiences and courses that would be of greatest benefit
  • • Explore new ideas and areas of interest
  • • Gain exposure to career options, advice and job search tips

  • Motivator: Expresses belief and confidence in the mentee’s abilities, and encourages the mentee to try new things.
  • Resource: Teaches and advises the mentee on how to make professional contacts, and introduces the mentee to new ideas and own experiences.
  • Supporter: Encourages open and honest dialogue, and listens to and responds to the needs of the mentee.
  • Coach: Helps the mentee develop, and work to achieve, realistic and meaningful goals.

  • Before a student can search for a mentor, they must attend a mandatory orientation in which they are instructed to think about what they want out of a mentoring relationship. They are informed of our expectations, which include:
  • • Spend at least two hours per month building the mentoring relationship
  • • Make the first contact with the selected mentor and respond to all communication
  • • Set specific goals for the mentoring relationship with mentor
  • • Agree and commit to expectations and goals set with the mentor
  • • Be appropriate in their requests of their mentor, in particular, in NOT asking for a job or sponsorship
  • • Approach the mentoring relationship with an open mind, professionalism and respect
  • Be receptive to suggestions and feedback

  • • Both the mentee and the mentor register for the program through an online form .
  • • Based on the preferences filled in the form and factors like place, year and grades, Mentors are allotted to the mentees on the basis of a predefined code.
  • • There can be situations where the mentor is not allotted any mentee or vice versa due to the preferences made, in such a case the mentor would be notified through an email and the allotment shall then be done manually.

  • • We advise you to connect with your mentee through social networking platforms.
  • • Have few informal sessions with your mentee for ice breaking.
  • • If the mentee does not respond to your conversations do write to us.
  • • Your feedback is our prime critic, do respond to our feedback forms to make this program a success.

  • For mentoring to be successful there must be a reciprocal and comfortable relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Both parties must work to make the relationship successful by being open-minded, respectful and keeping to the expectations they have set for the relationship. Ideally, the mentor-mentee relationship will be a mutually beneficial one, as the mentor learns from the mentee and the mentee from the mentor.

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